Bookmark manager access via web or mobile. Save links & attach note.

Zlinky is a bookmarking app for iOS, Android and Web. Links can easily be organised into folders. For mobile: With Zlinky you can quickly and easily save links from within a mobile app using the "native share" functionality. For web: The Zlinky Chrome extension allows you easily save links on the web into one of your Zlinky folders. When you save a link into Zlinky, you can attach a note to the saved link for context. Zlinky can be used to easily save and organise: - TikTok links - YouTube links - Tweets - Facebook posts - Instagram posts & stories - Concert tickets - AirBnb link - Link to a PDF file - Link to a photo eg Google Phots or Apple iCloud - or any publicly accessible link.
Kevin Garber

Founder @ Zlinky. Product minded entrepreneurial sort. Dog dad, beach lover, music obsessive.