AI-driven team communication, collaboration, and recognition platform.

WorkHub is a comprehensive toolkit that utilizes AI technology to optimize team communication, collaboration, recognition, and reward processes for hybrid teams. It offers various products to ensure efficient team management, including: 1. WorkHub Connect: A video conferencing tool that enables hybrid teams to communicate via audio, video calls, personalized messages, and group conversations. It also features a team wall that displays the headshots of online team members for a real-time experience. Users can also integrate widgets into their web pages to facilitate external communication with their internal team. 2. WorkHub Scheduling: An affordable appointment scheduling software that simplifies the process of booking meetings according to the availability of the concerned persons. It supports different calendars, such as Microsoft and Google, giving users complete freedom of choice. 3. WorkHub eSignature: A digital signing tool that eliminates the need for manual document and contract signing. Users can upload, sign, and share documents in just a few clicks. 4. WorkHub TASKS: A task management system that enhances team collaboration and productivity. It features an advanced ticketing system that allows users to handle customer responses and provide reliable customer service. 5. BRAVO: An AI-powered platform that offers a range of employee rewards, recognition, and appreciation tools. BRAVO helps boost employee productivity by acknowledging their hard work and efforts. Organizations and team members can reward each other with BRAVOs from anywhere, with individual digital wallets storing earned reward points that can be redeemed for real-time awards from over 40 countries. BRAVO's features include goal management, employee engagement surveys, a peer feedback system, and a comprehensive international rewards catalog.
Qudsia Piracha

Director at WorkHub