Now free, Multilingual Grammar and Spell Check Turbocharged by ChatGPT

WordSuperb: Free Grammar and Spell Correction. Allow me to introduce you to WordSuperb, a fresh approach to enhancing your writing through advanced grammar and spell-checking. Through collaboration with ChatGPT, WordSuperb brings unparalleled accuracy and refinement to your text, effortlessly assisting you in identifying errors and improving your writing. With WordSuperb, rectifying grammar and spelling mistakes is only the beginning. Its unique "Rewrite Tone" mode takes it a step further, providing your text with a smoother, more polished style. You can rely on WordSuperb's free usage option, which offers you an ample number of checks, and if you require more, you can seamlessly utilize your personal ChatGPT API key. As a newcomer in the field, WordSuperb strives to expand and provide even more language support and features, simplifying and enhancing grammar and spell correction like never before. Its advantages include: Being the youngest project; Operating on the ChatGPT engine; This allows for arguably the highest quality of checking; Offering a free account with a generous limit; If the limit is exceeded, you can connect your ChatGPT API key and continue using it; Drawbacks: no API, no team collaboration solution; Initially supporting 8 popular languages, with the potential for substantial growth in the near future; Capable of rewriting the tone of text; We are featuring a fantastic "Advanced Correction" mode - not just identifying errors but rephrasing entire sentences for a more natural flow.

WordSuperb: Free, Multilingual Grammar and Spell Check with ChatGPT Precision