Helps to memorise sentences, phrases while learning the new language

I will try to take care of your time and shortly introduce the platform: There are many interesting applications to improve language skills. They provide different technics to help upscale the language level. They have already prepared content and offered us to follow the rules. However, in some cases, this is not enough to be confident and learn exactly what is important to us. Based on many research on customer needs and a review of existing apps (Anki, Busuu, Duolingo..) we came up with this concept and now are working on the Worded Mobile and Web application development. It will help everyone who learns the new languages in one particular challenge: Memorise and use properly everything that you need to know. You can just easily add words, phrases, and idioms that are important to you, and using flash cards will help remind it. Additionally, now you can move stuff from your notes, paper books, journals, etc., save in one place and keep it everywhere. Worded App will help you memorize and revise it at any moment when you need it with without any distractions. Please fill free to see the application features here:, you will find the gift 🎁 for early subscribers as well. Our Team: UX, Developers, and product manager with an experience of more than 10 years. I will appreciate answer your comments below.
Irakli Simonishvili

Product Designer with a background of working in different fields: Fintech, CRM, Socials, Medicine.