Wielded - ChatGPT for teams


An AI productivity tool for teams. Launch ChatGPT in minutes.

Wielded is a pioneering AI productivity tool designed to revolutionize team workflows through intelligent context-aware technology. Recognizing the shifting needs of dynamic work environments, Wielded introduces the concept of custom "personas," enabling users to seamlessly toggle between tasks like SEO keyword research and crafting engaging LinkedIn posts without losing a step. Each persona maintains a deep understanding of the task at hand, retaining not only the context but also adapting to user preferences such as desired output formats and writing styles. This level of personalization and context retention ensures that team members can work at peak efficiency, leaving mundane tasks to the AI and focusing on strategic, creative work. Setting itself apart in the AI-tool landscape, Wielded offers unrestricted access to OpenAI's Dall-E 3, allowing for the creation of high-quality images that can enhance marketing materials, presentations, and social media content. The platform's ease of deployment shines through its ability to quickly onboard entire teams, equipping them with the advanced capabilities of GPT-4 to supercharge productivity. Furthermore, Wielded addresses administrative hurdles with its streamlined team billing feature, vastly simplifying the expense claims process and allowing organizations to manage finances with minimal effort. By integrating these facets into one intuitive interface, Wielded is not just an AI tool, but a comprehensive productivity partner for forward-thinking teams.
Raymond Yeh

Founder @ Wielded - An AI productivity tool for modern teams.