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Webpage Sherlock is a Chrome extension that helps you improve your website's SEO by providing information across 9 vital aspects of any website. This helps you identify and fix any issues that you may have with these aspects of your website. Features Discover key insights across 9 vital aspects of any website: - Meta Information: Uncover crucial details like the Title, Meta Title, and Meta Description. - Open Graph Information: Gain insights into OG Type, OG - URL, OG Image, OG Title, and OG Description. - Twitter Card Information: Stay informed with Twitter Card, - Twitter URL, Twitter Image, Twitter Title, and Twitter Description. - Word Count: Get a quick word count overview. - Images: Identify and preview images effortlessly, and receive alerts for missing ALT tags, ensuring accessibility and SEO compliance. Plus, easily spot and address broken images for a seamless user experience. - Favicon: Explore website branding through Favicon. Easily spot and address broken favicon links. - Headings: Instantly view headings to understand content organization. You'll be alerted if there are no H1's or if there are multiple H1s - Schema: Dive into structured data with ease. Get informed if there is a schema error. - Links: Examine the website's linking structure for effective navigation. With a click, check for broken or blocked links. - Social Preview: See how your website will look when shared on social media (Twitter/X, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google) , ensuring your content shines online. - Speed Checker: Optimize website performance with access to Google's speed analysis tool. How to use - Install the Webpage Sherlock extension from the Chrome Web Store. - Visit the website you want to analyze. - Click on the Webpage Sherlock icon in the Chrome toolbar. - Alternatively, use the shortcut Cmd+Shift+E or Ctrl+Shift+E to do the same. - The extension will display a report with information about your website's SEO.
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