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Web Assist is your gateway to a brand new browsing experience. With just your voice, you can easily navigate the web, interact with web pages, dictate messages, and perform a wide range of tasks without using your hands. Web Assist includes dozens of voice commands that replace the need to use the mouse or keyboard. Key Features Effortless Browsing: Scroll through web pages, play videos, click on elements such as links, and much more using simple voice commands. To provide additional flexibility, there are several shortcut keys that you can use in place of the most commonly used voice commands. Explore the Web: Search the web with Google, open websites, go back and forth between tabs, and bookmark your favorite sites. Voice-Controlled Dictation: Dictate emails, fill out forms, and more. Other related features include automatic text formatting. Apps Included: Dictate using the text editor app. Create, play, and save audio recordings from your microphone with the voice/audio recorder app. Premium Features: Upgrade to Web Assist Premium to start recognition when the page loads, start speech recognition via a voice command, and change the timeout setting. Excellent Performance: Uses the browser’s fast, reliable, and accurate speech to text technology. Also has support for the Edge browser. Privacy is Paramount: Have confidence that your privacy is our top priority. No audio, transcripts, or other data is ever sent to our servers. Your personal information and activities remain yours. Benefits Increased Productivity: Save time and boost productivity by using your voice to dictate and navigate the web without touching the keyboard. No Cost to Use Basic Features: Web Assist is free to download and offers many features to get you started on your voice-powered experience. Free Voice-Controlled Dictation: Unlike other options on the market, our basic free package includes full access to voice-controlled dictation features. Enhanced Accessibility: Web Assist has been designed to empower those with physical challenges by providing a speech recognition solution that makes browsing the web simple and fast. Ready to get started? Explore a new approach to browsing the web with Web Assist. Download it for free and start enjoying the power of voice controlled web surfing today. Whether you're looking to save time, enhance accessibility, or try something new, Web Assist is here to make your online experience smoother and more enjoyable. You can try out our demos starting here:
Joseph White

I develop web applications primarily for commercial purposes.