WeatherMind: Health & Forecast


Track weather & health symptoms with assessments & mindfulness tools

WeatherMind helps you understand the impact of weather on your health. With personalized weather forecasts, self-assessments, and journaling, our app helps you take control of your well-being. KEY FEATURES: • Accurate weather forecasts tailored to your location • Mood tracking and symptom reporting for a holistic mental health picture • Comprehensive self-assessment tests for various weather-health correlations • Journaling to prioritize concerns, needs, and activities for better decision-making • Breathing exercises to manage stress and anxiety with calming background sounds • Educational materials to understand the connection between weather and your health • In-depth statistics to track your weather-health dependencies WeatherMind is an app developed by a team of experts passionate about helping users understand the connection between weather and their health. By combining the latest scientific research with user-friendly tools and features, WeatherMind is poised to become a leading resource in weather-related health insights.

Mobile app to track weather-related health issues