Vueform Builder


Allow your software's users to create complex forms with ease.

The Vueform Builder comes in two versions: One is for speeding up internal form development (Development Version) and the second one is meant to be implemented directly into our clients' software product to allow their users/customers to create complex forms on their own (Production Version). Development: This can be used to make the form development with Vueform (The Open Source form library for Vue.js) even easier and faster, as you can now use a visual interface to build complex forms. Typically this is used by clients that want to reduce their interna form-workload, for example if their own application is very form-heavy and/or requires constant development of new forms. Production: This version of the builder is being implemented into our clients' software itself. Basically enabling their users to build forms on their own, with an easy to use UI and without any dev knowledge. The core itself is completely Open Source, which means clients have full control and extend and customize their respective Builder version to their liking.
Andreas Bonenkamp

Let's build forms better and faster.