Vrid is a smart personal finance app for Indians.

Vrid is the ultimate tool to easily track your transactions and gain valuable insights into your spending habits. Vrid utilizes advanced technology to read SMS messages from your accounts, credit cards, and debit cards, automatically extracting transaction details and organizing them for your convenience. Key Features: • Seamless SMS integration: Effortlessly sync your accounts and cards to capture and analyze transaction data in real-time. • Automatic categorization: Say goodbye to manual sorting. Vrid intelligently categorizes your expenses, making it easier to understand where your money is going. • Detailed insights: Gain valuable insights into your spending patterns with visual charts and graphs. Easily identify areas where you can save and make smarter financial decisions. Notifications: Get notified with each new transactions to stay on top of your expenses. • Secure and private: We prioritize the security and privacy of your data. Rest assured, your personal information is protected at all times. Start taking control of your finances with Vrid today!
Hirak Samani

Co-founder @ Vrid, a smart personal finance app for Indians