Find new friends with many criteria. Totally free and respectful

The purpose of the website is to provide a way to find new friends that match specific criteria. There are many such apps & websites but Vosalta's perspecive is way different than that of other players. * The website is free. No ads. No premium features. FREE. * It's very minimalist in its functions. It is not yet another social network that wants to hook you on dopamine with constant notifications, ratings or ever increasing enticements. Just a directory list of users and many, many filters (and growing) * Data privacy oriented. Full transparency on all your data and what we do with them (we just offer our service). No sharing with 3rd party companies. No cookie to track your behavior. Data minimisation. Chose the data you share * In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we offer no AI, no chat (use what you already use), no machine learning, no costly background processing * All the filters and interface will be internationalized so that you can find people on the other side of the planet too. For now the interface has been translated in Spanish, French and English * It was not designed to be a dating webapp though you could use it for such purpose. You can use it to find a chess player in japan or a rap music fan in your neighbourhood. You can use it to find an italian teacher or to debate with someone from your opposite political side I hope you'll enjoy it. I'll be more than happy to receive your feedback on Vosalta take care !
Pierrick Triplet

Founder of vosalta, product manager, full stack developper and dad ;)