Customer Interest Prediction & Continuous Improvement for Sales Teams.

Elevate your sales strategy with – the only continuous improvement tool designed to revolutionize your customer interactions and drive sales excellence. Unveil a new era of enhanced efficiency and success for your sales team. Our technology goes beyond traditional methods by providing: - Overall Sentiment analysis of the call; - Enhanced transparency into video meetings by dissecting sales pitches into smaller, manageable sections, providing valuable insights on the success rate of each segment, enabling A/B testing of specific parts, and ensuring effective optimization; - Tailored improvement suggestions for Sales Pitches by leveraging your extensive database of previously won deals; - Capture call notes; - Setting pre-call requirements for Sales teams to follow through the Sales cycle depending on the stage; - Live AI Assistant aiding Sales reps with: Set topics for the call, Key positive moments from previous call, Previous call Summary. - ProductSense - Catching customer desires and turning them into future products; - Vespio AppXchange - allowing to add 3rd party applications to aid with Revenue Prediction, Lead Generation, Email sequencing, CS, Marketing etc.

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