Alternative Google Drive Uploader

What is is a convenient service for transferring files directly to Google Drive. It allows users to create a unique upload page and share it with others for easy file submissions. The platform supports a variety of file types and offers features like multiple file uploads and time-limited links. While the basic service is free, a premium option adds enhanced features like increased upload limits and customizable branding for $4.99/month. Features 🖱️ Easy File Uploads Simplifies the file receiving process with a few clicks. 🔗 Shareable Upload Links Allows easy sharing of upload pages via unique links. 📂 Multiple File Uploads Supports uploading multiple files at once for efficiency. 📜 Flexible File Type Support Allows a wide range of file types while ensuring only specific formats are uploaded for secure and versatile submissions. ⏳ Time-Limited Upload Links Provides upload links with set expiration times to maintain control over file submissions.
Ari Bambang

Software Engineer