TMate AI


AI Assistant that transforms every meeting into actionable insights

Turn Every Meeting into Actionable Insights in Minutes 🚀 From customer interview to project meeting, TMate transcribes and captures 10x more key findings, helping you jump straight to impactful actions, streamline workflows, and leverage call analytics for superior decision-making. 1️⃣ Review hour long meetings in a matter of minutes - With automated transcripts, summary, and AI-curated highlights, TMate does the heavy-lifting to analyze your conversations in minutes. - Ask AI Assistant anything about your meeting using natural language – Instantly find key information, generate custom summaries, or draft follow-up emails. 2️⃣ Streamline your post-meeting workflow like never before - Effortless Automation: TMate does the heavy lifting, turning conversations into high-standard, actionable content, primed for your next steps. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming post-meeting tasks. - Curated templates tailored for diverse meetings: Whether you need a “Customer Interview Snapshot” or precise “Meeting Minutes,” our automated outputs ensure data richness and relevance, every time. 3️⃣ Drive business forward with conversation intelligence - In-depth Analysis: Identify trends, clusters insights, and track topics to enhance your understanding of user or project needs. - Prompt Action: Stay on top of project issues. Instantly recognize complaints, barriers, and knowledge gaps, empowering you to take immediate action. - Synthesize: Aggregate key findings across multiple conversations into a holistic view to help you gain a comprehensive understanding and make informed decisions. 💡 Built for every role and knowledge worker: ✅ Product Manager: Distill insights from customer interviews, understanding customer feedback on features, pain points, and unmet needs ✅ Project Manager: For automated documentation of meetings, allowing for a swift transition from talk to action, ensuring project timelines are met. ✅ Customer Success: For immediate insights into client meetings, allowing for faster response times and more tailored service. ✅ Sales: To automatically generate quick recaps of client calls, highlighting key concerns, ensuring follow-ups are on-point and personalized. ✅ Consulting: Streamline review of client meetings & capture essential business insights, leading to more impactful client recommendations and strategies. 🔥 Your Meetings. Supercharged with Insights. With TMate AI, you’re always a step ahead, making the most of every meeting.
Thach Nguyen

Co-Founder @ TMate.AI - Transform every meeting into actionable insights in minutes