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Enhance Your Deployment Strategy with Tggl's Efficient Feature Flag System Welcome to the world of Tggl – the go-to solution for agile teams aiming for exceptional control in their deployment processes across a range of platforms. Tggl’s interface, designed for ease of use, benefits not just developers, but your entire team, allowing for the instant activation or deactivation of features, thus sidestepping the usual delays associated with traditional deployment methods. Key Benefits: Rapid and Secure Development: We prioritize speeding up your team’s development process while ensuring the safe rollout of new features to your audience. Effortless Deployment: Tggl is crafted to demystify and streamline the deployment process, ensuring agile and efficient workflow. Enhanced User Targeting: With Tggl, tailor your release timelines, conduct A/B tests, and gradually roll out features to chosen user segments or geographical areas with ease. Performance and Dependability: Optimized for swift flag evaluations, Tggl guarantees response times below 14ms, ensuring a seamless user experience. Regardless of challenges like service disruptions, network glitches, or setup errors, Tggl maintains the resilience of your application, always reverting to a secure state. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Manage your feature flags with ease across various platforms, including mobile, web, and server-side applications. Tggl allows you to organize flags by project and development phase, conduct A/B tests, and test new features in production environments with specific user groups, enabling risk-free, paced feature rollouts to your entire user base. Embark on a journey of simple and secure deployment with Tggl. Our platform is designed to grow with your needs, providing an easy and effective feature flag management experience. Sign up with Tggl today and start implementing your features with the assurance and ease you deserve!
Nicolas Keller

Founder of Tggl • Head of Eng at Stoik • ex CTO Equify • ex Blablacar