Create free voice overs from text for your videos, in 15 voices and 13 languages

Text2VoiceOver is a new web app, SaaS (Software As A Service) that allows you create, preview and integrate natural voiceovers with great quality and pronunciation. Using Google text to speech synthesis and our exclusive technology, we allow you to add a voiceover at any point of time in any video, with our easy to use editor. You can upload a video from your PC, use a youtube video link or just create a bunch of independent voiceovers in our complete editor. All needs covered ! We support 15 different voices and 13 different languages, taking your content to people all over the world! Text2VoiceOver delivers a zip file with: -> Individual .mp3 files with every block of text converted into a voiceover -> Concatenated .mp3 file with all the voiceovers plus silence betweem them to match the length of the video -> The original video provided -> The video with it’s original sound and merged with the generated voiceovers
Ipsilon Developments

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