Tarvent is a marketing automation platform built for small businesses.

Tarvent is a marketing automation and email marketing solution built for fast growing small businesses with limited budgets. Our goal is to provide the enterprise-level features of some of our biggest competitors at a price everyone can afford. In most cases, there is never a need to charge thousands of dollars for these advanced features, but they just don't cost that much to actually work. Our pricing is set in a similar fashion. If you're new, use the "Just getting started" plan. If has everything most people just getting started will ever use. As you gain more experience, you can move up in plans, which reflect the typical features used as you become the rockstar email marketer you always dreamed of being. We're light-hearted, fun to work with, never take life too seriously, but always take our jobs and service very seriously, just with a huge smile. Lastly, we strive for a win-win relationship, and do our best to make sure you succeed!
Derek Johnson

Senior UI Developer at Tarvent.