Automatically transcribe and add captions to your video

Automatically transcribe and add captions/subtitles to your videos. Taption supports 30+ languages and tailored features such as splitting your transcription for captioning purposes. In addition check out some of the features below: 1) Supports additional language up to 50+ language transcriptions and 30+ language translations. 2) Labeling for managing your uploaded videos and transcriptions. 3) Personal dictionary to minimize future editing. ( 4) Customized editing platform to give the layout you need. 5) Time-stamped editing platform and story timeline that allows you to adjust the time for transcriptions ( 6) Directly trim the video by removing the transcription content (How cool is that?) 7) Output different formats (srt, txt, pdf, vtt, mp4) 8) Output MP4 with subtitles. (Support 30+ translations and bilingual subtitles) 9) Allow organization owners and administrators to invite users to their workspace to share videos and minutes.
Jay Chen

Founder of Taption