Chrome extension that adds NLP to Google Calendar

Hey! I’m super excited to show you Taction, a simple and fast browser extension✨ 💡The idea Scheduling calendar events takes too much time. If you're like me, you waste hours every week planning things without actually doing anything. Taction helps you plan events faster by allowing you to schedule your events by just typing them out using natural language processing, just like in todoist. 💨How? Just install the plugin, open Google Calendar and you're good to go. 🎁Features - Modify event dates - Adjust event times - Change the duration of events - Enable recurring events - Add guests - Set locations - Switch calendars - Manage guest permissions - Edit event availability & privacy ➡️What’s next? Currently, Taction is only available for Google Calendar on Chrome. However, we have plans to expand our compatibility with other calendar applications and browsers very soon. Stay tuned for updates!
Andrin Iten

Passionate SaaS developer