Swoop Chrome Extension


Find low-cost, second-hand alternatives to the latest fashion trends.

Swoop matches shoppers on ASOS, Pretty Little Thing, Bershka, Missguided, and H&M to the same or similar products being sold on eBay, saving you up to 92%. Easily shop second-hand and make a difference to the environment while finding the perfect fashion pieces. Swoop is perfect for anyone who wants to save money on the latest fashion trends whilst shopping sustainably. How it works: 📌 Pin the Swoop extension to your browser. 🛒 Browse your favourite fast fashion sites as normal. 👕 Open the Swoop extension on your chosen product page. ✨ Be instantly matched to the same product being sold on eBay.
Olivia Todd

Hi, I'm Olivia. CEO and Founder of Shop with Swoop Ltd.