Customized polls and conversational surveys inside your Discord server

💡Looking for feedback on new ideas and projects? 🍿Need to find the best time and activity for the next raid, stream or movie night? 🧑‍💻 Need an application form to recruit new mods? 🔬Want to know more about your community and what gets them fired up? 🤯 Just want to have fun with not-so-serious questions? Subo allows you to create 1-question polls and multi-question surveys - right in Discord! Easy, highly customizable, feature-rich and reliable! ⚡Polls: 1 question, members vote and see results (or not!) directly in the question embed. 📋 Surveys: Post an invitation, members answer privately all your questions in a temporary channel. Up to 10-questions per survey with the free version, 30 with Premium and 50 with VIP.

Maker of - The best app to ask your community on Discord!