Automate business requests, share public/private boards

Are you a Tech team struggling with Linear’s limitations? SteelSync is your solution to transform these challenges into streamlined efficiency. Our tool supercharges Linear, directly targeting the pain points you face every day: Automated “Business” Interactions: Say goodbye to the tedious manual process of handling feature requests and bug reports. SteelSync automates these interactions, saving time and reducing errors. Centralized Updates: Struggling to keep “the Business” and non-Linear users informed? Our platform centralizes updates with monthly views, ensuring everyone is on the same page with real-time information. Unified, Real-Time Board: Overwhelmed with disjointed tools? Our unified public board brings all your project management in one place, providing a cohesive and real-time view. Streamlined Public Roadmaps: Share the next steps with stakeholders easily. SteelSync's public roadmap feature is designed for transparency, enabling you to share project milestones and status with external parties effortlessly. 🙌 Embrace the power of SteelSync and turn your project management challenges into a seamless, integrated experience that propels your business forward.

Automate business requests, share public/private boards, update project info