Manage & spend from all your bank/mobile money accounts on one app & without data.

What is Stax? Stax is a simple way to manage and spend from all your financial accounts (traditional bank, digital bank and mobile money accounts) on a single app. On Stax, you can send and receive payment offline or online, and never have to dial a USSD code again. For all transactions and across every service we cover, we have automated the USSD flow so you can spend and receive money faster, easier and with less stress. Stax works offline: - Transact without internet connection up to 14 days Move Money From Multiple Accounts from Stax: - On Stax, you can send and request money, and buy airtime. - Check transaction history and status across all your accounts - Check all account balances at once - Keep your balances hidden - Transfer money between your accounts - Create payment links to request money and send the links via WhatsApp, Instagram, or SMS. Smooth Onboarding Process: - Download, open the app and start spending immediately. No signup required. - Passcode protected Once you download the app, link your bank and mobile money accounts to Stax to check your balances and start securely transacting. Coverage Nigeria Ghana Kenya Uganda Zimbabwe Côte d'Ivoire Tanzania Zambia Congo Cameroon Across these countries, we cover multiple services and are adding more each week.

Move money without stress-Manage & spend from all your financial accounts on one app & without data