Intent-based spam detection for web forms.

SpamPatrol provides API and integrations that allow you to analyze messages submitted on your forms to see if they are spam or not. Instead of worrying about block lists, CAPTCHAs, honey pot fields, etc. SpamPatrol understands the submitted messages, like a human would, and reports its findings based on the intent present in the message. It doesn't matter whether it's a bot or human abusing your contact form, SpamPatrol will analyze the submissions and determine whether it's spam. SpamPatrol can be used with any website platform by using a plugin (e.g. Wordpress), or through Zapier or directly in your code (samples available for every language). It's 100% server-to-server so you get to preserve a clean user-experience and you don't need to send any names or email addresses like the alternatives. It ensures you don't need to add any frustrating mechanisms to your forms and keeps users data private. What more can you ask for? Free and flexible plans allow you to start small then upgrade when necessary. Stop wasting time sifting through garbage submissions and start focusing on the ones that matter with SpamPatrol.
Tommy Axle

I am passionate about SaaS products.