AI Sales Assistant that keeps sales reps organized & consistent!

Sowl is a sales productivity tool built by Account Executives for Account Executives. Sowl helps you provide relevant AI insights and actions, when you need and where you work. Meeting Assistant: Prepare before your meeting, focus on your pitch during the meeting and automate post meeting updates in a click. CRM AI: Updating and accessing your CRM data without opening those bulky pages. AI Follow-up: Generate best post meeting follow-ups and get to Inbox zero by generating replies in seconds. We know how tedious it is to take meeting notes, update your CRM fields, and keep your manager happy. That's why we created Sowl. Sowl AI will take your meeting notes, update relevant CRM fields and create tasks for next steps - automatically after every meeting! And no it's not another tab you have to open, it's just a powerful Chrome Extension which works where you work. Just three easy steps to get started: Install the Chrome Extension. Connect your CRM and select the fields you want Sowl to keep updated. Let Sowl take notes during your meetings. More capabilities will be added to Sowl soon: Pipeline Views LinkedIn Plug-in Hit your targets without the stress and if you don't, you'll have the data to explain why. Feels slightly better, trust me I have been there.🙃 Sowl is like having a sales assistant that works 24/7 without taking coffee breaks (although we recommend taking breaks yourself). Join the Sowl community today and experience the benefits of our smart and sassy sales assistant.
Shashank Kaul

Co-founder and CTO at