Create stunning videos with your audio content in moments!

SoundMadeSeen is a software service that enables you to generate videos with your audio content. Take advantage of SoundMadeSeen's predefined templates or use it's full featured design editor to make your own creations. There is even an inbuilt AI image generator that you can use if you're looking for inspiration! SoundMadeSeen also has AI powered transcription and content analysis features that make it super easy to find the most compelling parts of your audio content and turn them into short form videos. It will even offer suggestions on what to share on social media! We've recently added the ability to generate blog posts, podcast show notes and more from your audio content! With SoundMadeSeen, you'll spend less time finding clips to promote your content and more time doing the things you love! FOR OUR FRIENDS: Use the code PITCHWALL24 on our sign up page for a free 2 week trial!
Rane Bowen

Creator of SoundMadeSeen