Showcase your live projects with one link & get hired.

Snzzle is an innovative solution designed to address the common challenge faced by tech professionals and freelancers: the disorganization of showcasing multiple live projects or past works through numerous URLs. Snzzle elegantly consolidates all your professional achievements into a single, impactful link, presenting your portfolio cohesively and professionally using AI. ✅ Single Link for All Projects: Centralize your live projects and past work into one accessible link. ✅ AI Assistance: Leverage AI technology for efficient and compelling portfolio creation. ✅ Link to Code Repository: Directly integrate your coding repositories for a comprehensive skill display. ✅ Analytics and Activity Tracking: Monitor page visits, user interactions, and engagement metrics. ✅ Lead Generation: Capture potential client or recruiter contact information effectively. ✅ Networking Capabilities: Connect with other users, expanding your professional network. ✅ Customer Support: Receive support from Medium to Highest level, depending on your needs. ✅ Unlimited Project Display: Showcase unlimited projects, ensuring no work goes unseen. Snzzle is trusted by over 720,000 tech professionals, making it a preferred choice for those seeking to enhance their professional presentation and career prospects.
Tinotenda Chiwara

Founder @ Snzzle