Slik Safe


Blazing Fast File Experience for Professionals

Silk Safe is a Blazing Fast File Experience built to increase efficiency, speed and security. An end-to-end encrypted file storage solution that enables you to store, share and share your files in less than 5 seconds. Your files and folders, be it on cloud apps like G-drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc or local devices, get backed up by connecting to the Silk Safe app on your device. All your files are encrypted on your local device with military grade protection before uploading it on the cloud. The app is designed in a way where it keeps running in the background, constantly backing up connected files and folders in real time. With Silk’s AI, you can retrieve a particular information from a specific file wherein all the details get extracted in Natural Language. So if you want the sum of Column 2 in your datasheet. Just type it, you get the answer. A must for Product marketers, content creators, finance folks Silk Safe offers a really powerful feature to better assist your day to day productivity.
Tushar Vyas

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