SimplyFit AI


Personalized workouts built around your goals, lifestyle & equipment

🏋️ Stop paying for generic, one-size-fits-all PDF workout plans. With SimplyFit, your AI fitness mentor delivers a personalized workout daily. Just get to your gym, open the app, & dive into a new challenge. Built on your inputs and feedback, workouts are created that align with your unique needs, available equipment, & goals along the way. It's like having a personal trainer who is 100% focused on YOU. The Problem: When looking for a personalized workout program, your options are hiring a personal trainer, signing up for a fitness class, buying a program, or building your own program. 💸 Trainers are expensive & hit or miss 🚲 Fitness classes are great socially but aren’t personalized 👯 Online programs are generic; the same plan is sent to everyone 🤬 Building your program takes time & is difficult without experience The Solution: SimplyFit is an iOS app that creates personalized fitness programs that change with you every day. We create your journey through an onboarding survey, generating a genuinely unique workout plan. No two users are the same. User feedback after each workout helps inform the plan adjustments for the next day. We want to create a new generation of personal fitness that evolves with you! Try free!
Taylor Dahlem

I'm a tech startup marketer that enjoys learning about new innovations & tools.