Shotcut Track


All-in-one web analytics.

Introducing Shotcut Track the perfect analytics solution for understanding their users and improving their website. This simple and friendly platform will help they to understand each visitor’s journey, allowing them to replay sessions, collect heatmaps, and more, all while protecting their privacy. Manage analytics with ease and gain a better understanding of their users with Shotcut Track. With interactive heatmaps, they can see exactly how users interact with any page on their site. Track user journeys to understand the common paths being taken and use the replay feature to see exactly what their users are doing. Finally, they can be sure that the data they’re gathering is used with complete respect for user privacy, thanks to Shotcut Track’s advanced privacy protection measures. At Shotcut Track, they understand the need for a reliable and professional analytics platform. Improve their website performance with this easy-to-use solution. Get the information and insights they need to understand their users today!