Create fullstack web apps with natural language through AI

# What is it? Semicode is a no code AI plattform for full stack development. # What problem does it solve? The frustration of setting up new full stack projects when building a new web app. Things like infrastructure/hosting, initial frontend and backend components. # How? Write in natural language and AI builds frontend and backend components, and also composes these together. Host on Semicode platform or export. The tech stack is initially Next.JS + TS + TailwindCSS and more. # Why? Building this in public with to make my daily workflow faster. No more jumping between GPT4 and VScode, semicode will help to setup atleast 70%* of the project and then we can carry on developing the more fun stuff. *70% today, maybe 100% when GPT5 launches.

AI Entrepeneur & FullStack Dev building in public