Linkedin and Sales Navigator scraper and email finder

Generate leads for your business by searching for leads through the biggest business network out there. With the right filter quality and relevant results, you'll receive the necessary help required to get in touch with the decision-makers you want to contact for your business. Scrape prospects from Sales Navigator, clean data for email campaigns, and more. You can now get a clean list of leads without the emojis, typos, insignificant CapiTAl LeTeRs within the profile and company name, irrelevant leads, and so much more. It's all possible with Scrupp. Highlights leads out of filter requests, get data of blocked profiles, and do so much more with Scrupp. Scrupp is a smart LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper that extracts and enriches your search results. Easily extract data from any and all LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches or lists and turn that data into a clean CSV (with just one click). With Scrupp, you can also find personal emails -- and then verify them accordingly. What can you do with Scrupp? Extract & Enrich Leads - Extract all profiles and company info; get all leads' LinkedIn URLs & websites. Clean Data - Get clean data for your CRM/cold outreach campaigns. Find Emails - Integrated email finder will enrich your data with verified emails. You'll be amazed at how Scrupp revolutionizes your business practices. Get access to Scrupp today!
Igor V.

Founder of Scrupp