LLM converts images to code & webpages, one-click cloud deploy.

## Foreword > Have you ever imagined that with just a simple screenshot, you could generate a live webpage? It sounds like magic, but now, this has become a reality. Today, I want to introduce a project called "screenshot-to-page" that can help you achieve all this, and it's completely free. + Project link: **<>** + **This open-source project can transform screenshots, image links, and even hand-drawn sketches into code, and create an interactive web page. It supports OpenAI and Google Gemini and even allows for one-click deployment to the cloud.** > đŸ‘‡Gemini Effect (The effect with OpenAI will be much better, and I will optimize the effect generated by Gemini later) ![Demo]( ## Introduction + screenshot-to-page now supports Google Gemini and Next. So you can directly deploy to Vercel with your own Gemini key and freeload your own AI assistant. + Milestones for this project include a refactor using Next.js, adding multi-theme support and i18n, as well as support for Google Gemini (free). + Compared with other tools, "screenshot-to-page" is particularly suitable for developers in the js/ts tech stack, offering free serverless cloud platform deployment, and support for excalidraw drawing. + Future plans include implementing a code sandbox, supporting modern, engineered coding practices, and achieving partial modification updates. + To experience this magical tool, you just need to visit the online address (<>), with no need to register or fill in any information to start using it. It works perfectly on both desktop and mobile. ## Deployment * You can choose to use **docker** or **vercel** for one-click deployment, both are very simple and convenient. * As a developer, you can choose to use pnpm or yarn to install dependencies and start local development. ## Conclusion * If you are interested in web development, or want to simplify your development process, consider giving "screenshot-to-page" a try. It might bring you some unexpected delights.
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