Pravid – a Multilingual Conversational AI-powered Collections SaaS

We have built a proprietary voice-first conversational AI stack and implemented it across domains like Telecom, e-commerce healthcare and BFSI for clients like Air Asia mobile, Tata Cliq and the likes, since 2017. Till 2021 we had a technology focus and were building technology that didn’t exist automating long contextual conversations in contact centers, for non-English languages. In 2021, we shi/fted our focus to revolutionize the $2Tn Lending industry in India. Now, provides 100% transparency, 25% agility, & 10x affordability, to the opaque, inconsistent, slow and expensive collection process, with pre-trained multilingual Conversational AI, Contact Center platform & psychology-based strategies. Products: We make the lives of Chief Risk Officers and Collections Managers easy through Pravid – a Multilingual Conversational AI-powered Collections SaaS to put collections on autopilot with omnichannel communication for the entire debt lifecycle, along with timely nudges, legal notices, psychology-based pre-tested Collection Strategies and 360-degree Analytics. It's the first-of-its-kind collections management platform that ties up Conversational AI with workflow automation, process transparency and actionable insights. It is a 3-in-1 platform: - Conversational AI Platform with 10+ Languages (expanding to 25) - An Omnichannel Contact Center Platform - A Neo Credit and Collections Management Platform Its salient features are: Conversational AI – Human Sounding with multiple voice profiles and tonality adaptation based on debt stage, available in 10+ Indian languages with robust dialog management, and pretrained on call flows and specialized knowledge across debt lifecycle, available in 60 hrs. Campaign Manager – Create, Configure and Schedule/Execute campaigns omnichannel - on Call, WhatsApp, SMS, Email and more, hassle-free and quickly. Conversation Logger – Complete transparency of process data like AHT, disposition, delay reason, demography etc. across multiple campaigns for all users to the most granular level i.e., individual conversations with full audio and transcript. Collections Strategy - Dynamically adapt collection strategies from prebuilt templates based on user psychology for optimum collections with tested prebuilt strategies across buckets. 360 Analytics - CRO relevant insights and real-time monitoring of customer behaviour and campaign performance, on multiple levels to pre-empt risks and manoeuvre campaigns, and have predictable cash flows. System Integrations - Sync your customer data with CRM, collect payments through preferred payment gateways, integrate WhatsApp business accounts and manage work on existing and desired systems more productively. Billing and Admin - Organize your team, adjust settings and view/pay your invoices in one place. Services: 1. Conversational AI Product Consulting 2. AI Assistant Customization 3. Dialogue Writing/Conversation Design 4. Analytics Consulting Services 5. Data Annotation Services 6. Premium Support
Aman Batra

Aman Batra is a marketing person.