Registry Perfect


Wedding registry where you choose how to receive gifts or get cash

Registry Perfect is a new type of registry, called a ‘flexible registry’. Flexible registries maintain gift culture etiquette but give newlyweds full control over when and how they receive their gifts. In the old registry system, gifts are purchased directly and sent to newlyweds, where they are very often returned or even discarded. In the new flexible registry system, newlyweds are sent the gift recommendation that the buyer has selected for them along with the money to buy the gift. This means the newlyweds can buy the gifts whenever it is convenient for them, or if they chose to, keep the money that was sent along with the gift recommendation. We started Registry Perfect when we realized that newlyweds ended up being constrained by the way old registries worked. Newlyweds have increasingly unpredictable lifestyles and may move around a lot, meaning that receiving gifts at wedding time doesn’t align with their needs. Many, many wedding gifts end up returned for store credit, which locks newlyweds into shopping at a specific store, and sometimes wedding gifts are just simply thrown away. The flexible registry gives newlyweds the ultimate flexibility they need while still allowing gift buyers to demonstrate their thoughtfulness and knowledge of the couple via the gift selection process.
Duncan Foster

Co-founder of Registry Perfect!