Hosted dbt data documentation focussing on data consumers.

Refter is a hosted dbt documentation tool with a heavy focus on data consumers and end users. Think analysts, product managers, data scientists, sql nerds, etc. In short, people that are directly accessing your modeled and integrated data. It’s simple, to the point, and most of all effective for the audience it serves. It’ll empower your data customers and stakeholders to self-serve, use your data correctly and overall help your teams to be more data-driven. On top of everything the standard dbt docs offer, refter includes: 🌳 Entity relationship diagrams - increase data understanding - showing relationship and ERD diagrams to end-users will make a huge difference in how they use your data. ❤️‍🩹 Lifecycle management - show what, when and why your data model is changing - it’ll help your end-users use the correct data and increase trust in your data. 🧠 Knowledge sharing - empower end-users to create and share their own knowledge base; or seed it with best practice queries and more.
Henri Blancke

Data Engineer and Builder