Realm App


Converts idle browser homepage into quick-access dashboard

One problem that keeps us awake at night is the modern browser interface. Finding a tab or saved bookmark is a big pain. If needed, one can save a website link to a sheet, Notion, etc., but it adds another step before you can access it. The problem is that the most important browser real estate is idle. We are talking about the homepage, which has a handful of favorite shortcuts. Introducing RealmApp, a tool that makes life easier and more efficient. A browser extension, upon installation, replaces the browser homepage with a dashboard offering access to a range of widgets such as bookmarks, curated reading lists, and an embedded search. It helps you categorize your tabs under different headings. Even better, it allows you to create different workspaces. Key features: ✨ Transform your browser into a personal dashboard 🌐 Instantly right-click to save tabs to your desired bookmark widgets 🛠️ Explore curated persona-based templates 🎨 Craft multiple workspaces tailored to your needs 📌 Add, edit, and move bookmarks easily 🔍 Embedded search for seamless access We are offering lifetime access free for the first 5000 users. Sign up using the code: product-hunt-06.
Yash Jejani

Into crypto & bitcoin. I was born a bit too late.