QuickForm - Autofill Forms


Chrome extension to autofill forms easier and faster.

Speed up form filling online with QuickForm – perfect to autofill any type of forms Are you tired of typing the same information into online forms over and over again? QuickForm is here to change that. Our Chrome extension allows you to create custom profiles that can instantly autofill any web form. QuickForm is all about making form filling faster, easier, and more secure. Features: Customizable Autofill Profiles: Create profiles with the details you use most often for different forms. QuickForm makes it easy to store and access your information when you need it. Streamlined Online Interactions: Beyond just filling out forms, QuickForm offers basic automation for tasks like clicking buttons, streamlining your online activities. A Major Time Saver: Ideal for all types of online forms, including job applications, registrations, and online shopping. Spend less time filling out forms and more time doing what you love. Privacy-First Design: Your data is stored securely in your Chrome browser and never on our servers. QuickForm ensures your privacy and security are always a top priority. User-Friendly Experience: QuickForm is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, regardless of your technical background. Setting it up is simple, and using it is even simpler. Install QuickForm today and make filling out online forms a seamless, efficient, and secure process. It's the perfect tool for enhancing your productivity
Albert Gabdullin

Software Engineer