Potis AI


Potis AI is a hiring copilot that evaluates skills rather than CV

Potis AI is a recruitment assistant that assesses candidates on real skills rather than past CV experience. Traditional recruiting relies heavily on resume evaluation, often obscuring a person's capabilities. Potis AI solves this problem by giving all candidates an equal chance and all recruiters the opportunity to find hidden talent. Potis AI combines a scientific approach and technology in testing. Using STAR methodology and behavioral testing provides the ability to determine how a candidate applies skills in a real-world situation. The platform identifies the most essential skills and requirements based on your job description, skills library for similar positions, and industry specifics. Around the skills, requirements, and specifics of your company, the platform builds a description of the hypothetical situation that is real-life-like. Candidate testing takes place in a live dialog mode, and the platform's virtual assistant creates questions on the fly to allow the candidates to show how they can apply their skills in an actual situation. As a result, the recruiter and hiring manager can impartially identify candidates that best meet the position's requirements and the values of the team and company.
Vlad Tolm

Potis AI founder