Simple leave tracking and HR software for small and medium businesses

Use PicnicHR to track your team members time-off requests, plot upcoming leave, and personal information. 🏖️ Employees can submit requests for time-off, and be notified of their manager's response ✅ Managers and supervisors can process requests for leave, and provide explanation 📆 Team members can view their personal calendar, and managers can view their team's calendar to see upcoming time off, and plan resourcing 👥 Browse all company employees in the employee directory, with the option to make the list visible to all employees or managers only 📄 Manage employees information, including personal details, and emergency contacts Picnic is designed to scale to companies of any size, but is especially suited to small and medium businesses looking for a simpler, more cost-effective solution to managing their team's HR and time-off. Managing your team is easier with Picnic!
Charlie Gregor

Working on PicnicHR, the simple HR solution for small and medium businesses