Search through all your productivity tools all at once

Owledge is a unique search bar that let you search through all your productivity tools (Google Drive, Notion, Slack, Jira, and much more) at once. According to an IBM study, every employee loose 384h/year searching for company knowledge. We give this time back bet all of you have already found themselves in a situation looking for critical information, but you don’t know where to find it and end up loosing precious time. BUT, this is an experience that every employee are facing, and they end up loosing 384 hours per year searching for company knowledge. With an average of 78 tools in a company, it's no wonder! Owledge is here to solve this problem, ensuring you find what you need, when you need it, saving your company tens of thousands of dollars per employee. 🌐 One Search to Rule Them All Owledge allows you to seamlessly search through all your cloud-based tools at once, from Google Drive and Notion to Slack and beyond. It's the ultimate hub for collaborative use, ensuring you never miss crucial information whether you're a solo power user or part of a dynamic team. πŸš€ The fastest search you will ever have With Owledge, enjoy ultra-fast search capabilities, boasting an average response time of 0.03 seconds. That's a quantum leap compared to the industry standards of 1.2 seconds for Google Drive and 1.7 seconds for Notion. Our advanced ranking algorithm ensures high-quality results delivered at lightning speed. πŸ”„ Always Up to Date, Always Secure Owledge will always let you search through your latest documents, eliminating the frustration of outdated content. Plus, rest easy knowing your data is encrypted and safely stored within a dedicated EU-compliant index, ensuring privacy by design. πŸ› οΈ Effortless setup Setting up Owledge is a breeze! Connect your tools in seconds and experience instant search without any delay. For power users, integrate Owledge into Alfred using our provided API endpoints and tutorials for a seamless and personalized experience. 🌐 Built into Your Web Apps Navigate Owledge effortlessly with our magical Google Chrome extension. Access Owledge natively from your web apps, boosting productivity and streamlining your workflow. 🀝 Designed for Teams Collaboration made easy! Enhance teamwork with mate activity and team priorities, making Owledge the perfect tool for seamless collaboration within your team. πŸ”₯ Be the first to experience an unified search Owledge is gearing up for launch, and you can be among the first to experience the revolution in knowledge management. Sign up for our waiting list now and secure your spot. Better yet, refer your friends, and gain early access even quicker!
Paul-Emile Sauvage

French Product builder