At home health tests and a personal, interactive AI-powered platform.

We're revolutionising healthcare, offering at-home blood test kits - with a difference. Discovering what's going on in your body is a start. Knowing what to do with that information is what makes the difference. At the core of our innovation lies a cutting-edge interactive platform, empowering users to understand their test results, receive customised recommendations, and discover how to optimise their health – in a way that's custom-fit for their bodies. We combine the convenience of at-home testing with the power of technology, transforming blood test results into simple, actionable steps tailored to each individual's unique lifestyle. In a time of information overload, conflicting messaging and one-size-fits all advice, we're here to provide an alternative. Say goodbye to generic, confusing health data, and hello to personalised, scientifically-backed and straightforward information you can actually use. We have lots of other exciting products in the works that we can’t wait to share with you, including food intolerance tests, diet plans and wellness resources.
Amy Watson

Head of Business Development and Strategy at OptimallyMe