Nyckel Classification API


Classify images and text in just minutes

Nyckel makes it easy to auto-label images and text using AI. We say ‘easy’ because trying to do classification through complex “we-do-it-all” AI/ML tools is hard. Especially if you’re not a machine learning expert. That’s why Nyckel built a platform that makes image and text classification easy for everyone. In just a few minutes, you can train an AI model to identify attributes of any image or text. Whether you’re sorting through images, moderating text, or needing real-time content labeling, Nyckel lets you build a custom classifier in just 5 minutes. And with our Classification API, you can auto-label at scale. Nyckel’s goal is to make AI-powered classification a practical tool for anyone. Learn more at
Chris Shuptrine

Head of Marketing at Nyckel