Convert Notion Databases into mobile apps without coding

NotionApps ( is a tool to build mobile apps from Notion databases without any coding. For those familiar with no-code, our tool can be likened to what Appsheet/Glide is to Google Sheets or Stacker/Softr to Airtable. Our beta is live, in this version you can build view-only public apps. We are adding new features every week with the goal to provide the best app-building experience on Notion. Problem: Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool for many businesses and freelancers. Since they use the tool to manage their processes, a lot of their data is stored in Notion’s databases. But there are many limitations if they have to share access to this data with customers, teams, and other stakeholders. 1. Limited by database views 
 I want to share data without being limited by Notion’s database views and “page” experience 2. Limited UI customizability 
I want better UI components to customize how to view/input data, UI must be more mobile-friendly 3. Need better access control 
I need more granular control over what data can a user view or edit 4. Need app-like functionalities
 I want app-like functionalities like custom signup/login, navigation, QR scanning, location tracking, etc Features (Live): 1. Public Apps 🌐 
You can build view-only public apps in our beta version. Apps can be shared publicly with anyone using a web link and can be installed on the user's home screen, this is useful for catalogs, portfolios, mobile landing pages, and other public-facing use cases. 2. Customizable Screens 🛠️
 You can add any number of screens to the app’s side and bottom navigation. Customize what data can be shown from your databases using our Components, which are designed to support most Notion field types, be it text, checkbox, URL, and so on. 3. List & Grid Views 📱 
One can customize how data is presented using list and grid views. Users can choose the view that best suits their needs - list views are suitable for data that is primarily textual and grid views are for image-based data. 4. Search & Filters 🔍
 The search and filter options allow users to easily find the data they are looking for within their app. One can customize what data is shown in the app, and also provide in-app filters for the app users. 5. Media Components 🎥
 You can view media on the app using the URL and Files & Media fields of your database. The Photo and Video Viewer Components allow you to enhance the visual representation of the app and make it more engaging. 6. Contact Component 📞
 You can show data in your Phone Number and Email fields on the app using the contact component. It just doesn’t show the contact information but also provides call-to-action buttons to call, send messages, and emails. 7. Button Component 🎯
 The button component can be used to add call-to-actions to your screens. This way you can direct users to other websites to perform a specific action, like book appointments, collect payments, buy products, etc. 8. Location Component📍
 The location component can be used to display maps or directions on your screens. This is useful if you need to provide location-based information on the apps. 9. QR Scanning 📷 
 This feature allows users to scan QR codes within the app. This can be useful if you want the app users to quickly access data while searching. Features (Coming Soon): 1. Private apps 2. Add data to Notion from the app 3. Edit Notion data from the app 4. Support Relation & Rollup fields 5. Support Formula fields 6. [whatever you say] We’d love for you to try it out and hear your thoughts. Happy to chat ([email protected]) and personally help you build if you have a use case.
Sameer Sanagala

Building tools to make custom software more accessible