Nokkio is a fully managed platform for building React applications

Have you ever had an idea for a side project, then spent hours or days lost in setting up a framework, figuring out how to do authentication, trying to remember how database migrations work (again!), and suddenly realize you are completely sidetracked from the thing you set out to build in the first place? We know the feeling. Many engineers have off-the-shelf product infrastructure at their day jobs, but when it is time to moonlight on that side project, you're left to fend for yourself. That's why we built Nokkio–it's product infrastructure in a box so you can focus on your idea, not infrastructure. What does it include? 1. The nokkio CLI - You've configured webpack for the last time. Our CLI has everything you need to create your project, run it locally, then deploy it. 2. Magic data - Define your data and relationships with familiar JavaScript syntax, and Nokkio does the rest by creating your database, backend endpoints, and client networking code. You can begin using your data in your React components immediately. It really does feel like magic 🪄 3. The nokkio/forms package makes mutating data a breeze. Once your form is in place, any data mutations automatically refresh any related data on the page, without you needing to track that state. Having your framework deeply coupled to your data layer is very powerful. 4. Need authentication? No problem, return to your schema.js file and let Nokkio know which model should be used for authentication. You can then mark routes as auth-only, and Nokkio also includes form helpers that make creating registration and login forms a snap. 5. To close the loop, nokkio deploy pushes your application to custom-fit production infrastructure in just a few seconds. Or, wire up the Nokkio Github app and get preview deploys for all PRs and fresh deploys on every push to your main branch. To summarize, Nokkio is your product infrastructure in a box. Check the docs for all the goodies–it also supports serverless functions, file uploads with automatic image scaling, and more. Nokkio is free to try, you can create your first project locally without even creating an account. And, you can deploy one project to Nokkio's infrastructure for 30 days before paying. If you do decide to subscribe, for a limited time you can get $5 off your first three months of Nokkio by using the LAUNCH code at checkout.
Brad Daily

Co-Founder, Nokkio