No Code Map App


Build custom interactive map without coding

No code map is a tool that will allow you to build custom-quality maps without coding. It works for any industry and dataset. Easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for professionals. It is a fan favourite among no-code platforms because of how easy it is to use. It only takes a few minutes to build your map and you can embed it anywhere. Moreover, it is fully integrated with leading no code platforms like Google Sheets, Airtable and Webflow CMS, so you can have your data automatically synced. Going beyond just design customisation, our maps come with everything you need to engage and convert more website visitors, including built-in map search, filters, detailed location profiles, clickables, booking links, promotional media, calls-to-action, and more. Highlights 1. Simple to use - it is the quickiest way to make a map. Simply choose one of the production-ready templates and then customise it with your own data and branding. 2. Powerful - Import up to 50 custom data fields from any tabular dataset, plus auto-data sync with Google Sheets, Airtable or Webflow CMS. 3. Complete design control - customise everything from design elements (e.g., colour, font, markers, image etc), to map components (e.g., map filters, popup box, side bar, language translation etc). 4. Convert more website visitors - connect your favorite apps to your map and supercharge your online engagement and lead conversion. You can add multiple custom calls-to-action to map and really maximise your online lead conversion.
Nan Zhou

Co-founder of No Code Map App