Moments — Contacts Manager


A personal CRM & contacts manager for friends and business

Boost connections with our Personal Relationship Manager, CRM, Address Book Manager and Contact Manager. Seamlessly blend personal and professional ties. Moments: Your Personal Relationship Manager, CRM and Contact Manager. Connect, engage, and never lose touch with the people who mean the most. Introducing Moments, your ultimate personal relationship assistant. Whether it’s friends, family, or professional contacts, Moments ensures you're always present and always thoughtful. SOCIAL TO-DOS: No more forgetting important dates or stressing over planning. Get a preview of upcoming events and reminders tailored just for you. Make every day a little easier. SOCIAL CIRCLES: Categorize contacts based on significance and group preferences. Give everyone the right amount of attention, ensuring no one feels left out. HUBSPOT INTEGRATION: Seamlessly sync your HubSpot contacts and account. Simplify your network management by integrating Moments with one of the leading CRM platforms. EVENTS & REMINDERS: Set up events, buy gifts, or drop a simple message. With our advanced reminders, you're always one step ahead in nurturing your relationships. UNIFIED SOCIAL FEED: Stay updated with a singular feed capturing social interactions and updates from your CRM contacts. Because knowing the little things makes a big difference. LEARN & GROW: Enhance your relationship-building prowess. Dive into our rich resource of articles and courses, ranging from strengthening friendships to mastering networking even if you're an introvert. AI COMPOSER: A touch of personalization makes all the difference. Craft individualized messages and emails with our AI, uniquely tailored for each of your contacts based on their interests and your shared history.
Scheduled App

Never forget to stay in touch with the people that matter to you by scheduling your text messages.