The short-form collaborative audio app to make music with friends

MINTCHIP is the short-form collaborative audio app that makes it easy and fun to make music with your friends. We are made for people who want to experiment with music creation, but don’t know where to start. How it works: 1. Drop a short beat or vocal layer 2. Post to your feed 3. Your friends add or swap layers 4. Discover infinite collaborative variations My Co-Founder and I’s background is in the music industry, working with artists such as Tiësto, Dillon Francis, Young Thug, Megan Thee Stallion, and Marshmello. We know how gate-keepy this industry is, so it is our passion to democratize the space and support the creativity of upcoming creators. There has also been a major shift in the industry - from record labels signing artists who drop 15 song albums, to creators who make viral catchy 15-second tracks. This shift has led to the next generation of social creators wanting to be a part of music creation but lacking the tools, confidence, and collaborators to do so. This is where MINTCHIP comes in - we make it really easy and fun to make music with your friends. A safe place for anyone to experiment with music creation. 6 weeks ago we entered into a VC’s accelerator where we ran a ton of customer discovery and built V1 of our product! Next week we pitch to this VC to hopefully raise a pre-seed - so V1 is really a proof-of-concept to prove that people care! So with that being said, your support and feedback means the world (plus we appreciate your patience while we work out the kinks)! You guys are the best. Thank you! DK & Jackie
Daniel Kelly

MINTCHIP is the short form collaborative audio app that makes it easy and fun to make music together