Memocean Digital Legacy


Generate the document your family will truly need some day.

🚀 Introducing Memocean, the digital legacy platform that prioritizes security and privacy. Unlike other tools that require online storage and periodic check-ins to confirm you're still alive, Memocean allows you to create a comprehensive PDF summary of your digital legacy information and stores the raw data on your own device. 💡 With Memocean, you can capture digital legacy info across 14 categories (with more to come), appoint a power of attorney to manage your digital legacy, get guidance on secure storage options, receive reminders to update your legacy every 12 months, and access a checklist of essential precautions. Plus, the app is available in English and German. 💙 We believe that Memocean strikes the perfect balance between the convenience of the digital age and the security and simplicity of traditional methods. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected]. Disclaimer: Memocean is not a lawyer and does not provide legal advice. It is a tool for capturing and preparing digital legacy data for informative purposes.

Digital Legacy the old-fashioned way.