MeetLink for Meetings; Increase conversion by 30%

There are a bunch of services that help you build a digital business card or personal website. The problem is that no one goes to them. You can put them in your Linkedin profile or email signature and if you’re lucky you will get one hit a month. I wanted to build a link that would be used on a daily basis and help brand myself at every meeting. Everyday my calendar is packed with generic Zoom and Google Meet links. I thought this was the perfect place to help me stand out! I built MeetLink to create a custom landing page to share with all my meeting invites. The page connects to your meeting software (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams…) but also doubles as a digital identity for meeting participants to come back to and learn more about you. Every meeting I go on the first five minutes of the call are about the landing page and then over 30% of participants revisit the page after the meeting as well. It has been a real game changer for me personally and hope other people can enjoy it as well.
Chaim Gross

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